ONYX SIgnature Lightroom Presets

ONYX was inspired by life and by the unexpected. ONYX is for the
photographer, the traveler, the blogger, the artist who’s always
camera in hand and who never misses a moment. Because image processing
is such a vital part of my creative process, I created ONYX to help
simplify your workflow and to bring your images to life. 
This collection offers you (5) colour, (3) b&w presets along with (7) preset adjustment tools to give your
photography a moody analog aesthetic. ONYX was made for RAW photos and works best with
images that have balanced natural light. Since these presets aren't "turnkey", you need to have a general understanding of how RAW Processing sliders work. Your white balance and exposure must be adjusted prior to applying ONYX presets. 


Dramatic Toning

ONYX offers slightly muted "expired/disposable" colour tones with film grain structure that replicates traditional film speeds. With deep blacks, subtle colour shifts and a raw, semi-gritty tonality push/pull in the shadows and highlights truly makes ONYX a compelling tool for any photographer amateur or pro looking to create eye-catching images that stand out. It‘s important not to overdo processing and this pack offers a variety of subtle yet dramatic presets that give your work the added edge you've always been looking for. 

Easy Installation 

Getting started with ONYX is as easy as dragging and dropping the presets into your Lightroom presets folder. I've included a document attached to the preset folder that walks you through installing your presets into Lightroom.

Cut Down on editing time

Not only does ONYX improve the look of your images, it helps to keep a consistent editing style between your photos which is essential to maintaining a familiar look and feel among all your images. Utilizing ONYX will help streamline your process and cut down on your editing time. It also allows you to batch process one or multiple looks across an entire series of images like you've never done before.

Great Starting point for your own looks

ONYX was created with the mindset that utilizing these presets can offer you a great jump-off point to start crafting your own signature looks. After years of refining my editing process, i've taken features that I love from my favourite films and looks and created something that you can use to help improve or shape your own brand and aesthetic.

For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & Photoshop CC. Based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with RAW files.  

Set contains eight presets and seven adjustment tools in total. Prices in USD Currency.

ONYX Presets can be synced to your mobile phone via the Adobe Lightroom CC App to allow for editing on the go.

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