A day with DVBBS / by Sean Berrigan

Last week I had a conversation with an old friend of mine Dante Leon, trying to figure out how we could line up our schedules so we could finally get a chance to hang out. It turned out that he was on tour with the Ontario born, LA based EDM supergroup brothers DVBBS and they were making a stop in Montreal for electronic festival Île Soniq the same time I was going to be in MTL. Long story short he invited me to spend the day with them before and during their set at Île Soniq. I had an incredible time with these guys and really had no idea how big and dedicated of a fan base they actually had. The day itself was a very surreal experience between having intermittent bouts of rainfall, taking subways to The W Hotel and being on stage to witness the energy these guys had, it was from start to finish a very exciting day. You can check out some of the guys music below and take a look at some of my favourite photos from the day.

DVBBS Facebook 
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