Bastid's BBQ Toronto 2016 by Sean Berrigan

I had the opportunity to document the 2016 Bastid's BBQ party behind Honest Ed's in downtown Toronto this past July. The man, the myth, the legend Skratch Bastid puts on these incredible BBQ's every year in various cities along side some of his favourite dj's. This years lineup had DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wrispect, Bambi, DJ JAYCEE, VEKKED, THE GAFF, DJ James Redi, Prison Garde. 

Bastid's Collective Arts Brewery Roadtrip by Sean Berrigan

It's pretty comforting to be in a school bus full of east coasters sipping road beers headed to the Collective Arts Brewery in Hamilton. Skratch Bastid was performing at the brewery for the 'Series Six Bash In The Brewery' along side The Darcy's and Grand Analog. I think we can all say we had a great night and a very hazy ride back to Toronto. If you're not familiar with Collective Arts, they're a wicked craft brewery located in Hamilton, Ontario that is dedicated to promoting emerging artists and musicians. If you're an IPA lover go get yourself some Rhyme & Reason!



Grandtheft by Sean Berrigan

After I don't even know how long it was since Producer/Songwriter/DJ Grandtheft and myself had originally made plans to take some photos together, we finally pulled the trigger and made it happen. If you aren't familiar with the Club/Trap/EDM powerhouse Grandtheft, you can easily do a quick google search and see that he has quite the resume in the DJ circuit. A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to take over Diptych, a crazy studio loft space on John St in downtown Toronto with multi levels and a massive rooftop. Here's a bunch of my favourites from the shoot.

Studio: Diptych
Clothing: Nomad Toronto
Styling/Assisting: VL Mercier