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Jared Doyle has always been a go-getter, a craftsman and an overall positive soul to have around. A man of many talents including but not limited to killer photography, barbering, dj’ing, and marketing. After finally making the plunge, Jared will be opening his own barber shop which will be by appointment only starting this summer. The space is appropriately named Spare Studio stemming from the space doubling as a photo studio in the spare time. Over the course of a couple visit’s I captured a few images of Jared giving cuts to some of our friends Skye and Nathan. I managed to sit Jared down and have a quick Q & A/chill sesh to discuss what he’s been up to with Spare Studio.


S: How did you end up getting into barbering?
J: I've been cutting hair for a little over two years now. I was working as a bartender
and freelancing some photography gigs on the side when a barber friend of mine
popped by the bar one evening and we talked about how the shop he was
working at was expanding. I expressed interest in the trade and he invited me
down to the shop show me a few things. I followed up, and the rest is history. I
initially completed at 6 month apprenticeship at the Humble Barber in
Charlottetown and have been cutting there ever since.


S: What do you like most about cutting hair?
J: Development. Barbering provides an endless progression route, which is what
attracted me to it from the beginning.


S: What is Spare Studio?
J: Spare studio is a creative space. It’s a blended men’s salon and photography
studio that I share with my partner Kathleen. Together we built this space and this
brand to house our creativity and various portrait photography pursuits. The
studio is conveniently located amidst the action of downtown Charlottetown on
Great George Street, above Beanz cafe.


S: Why Spare?
J: The day I picked up the keys for the space I went bowling with some friends. While we were bowling, Kathleen rolled a spare early in the game and I remember her being excited about it. The screen flashed SPARE and it just spoke to me. A lot of my spare time over the past 8 years has been occupied pursuing photography and other creative outlets and now having our own spot, I feel like it's become the accumulation of many years of tinkering. I thought the name sounded cool and it just made sense.

S: Where can people book an appointment?
J: My barber bookings will take place online at
Photography clients can book studio portrait sessions by reaching out to me on
Instagram. Our wedding photography business, and Kathleen’s boudoir
photography business have individual websites where you can make a booking
request online.
Witness Wedding & Lifestyle Photography:
The Guestroom:

S: Any final words or thank yous?
J: Shout out to everyone who has supported me over the years. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Follow Jared on Instagram at @ivoryorphan

TIFF's Cameron Bailey: HOUSE Magazine Nollywood Editorial Photoshoot by Sean Berrigan


I can’t believe i’m only just sharing this now in 2019 and not in 2016 when this shoot originally took place. Back in the early summer of 2016 I was commissioned by Soho House head office in London, UK to shoot a feature story for HOUSE, their international quarterly magazine that goes out to over 40,000 Soho House members worldwide. Soho House for anyone who isn’t familiar was founded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, including film, fashion, advertising, music, art and tech. With over 23 clubs across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms, Soho has been a major hub for creatives in Toronto and all around the world.

The feature story was written by a man named Cameron Bailey who is a Canadian film critic and festival programmer. He is better known as the artistic director and co-head of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Cameron is very prolific within the Nollywood film scene a.k.a the Nigerian film industry and he was writing an article on how Nollywood is the most ambitious film scene of the moment. This was a last minute shoot that came through back in the summer of 2016, and I was extremely excited and eager to have the opportunity to shoot something for HOUSE as it’s a beautiful publication with stunning design. HOUSE wanted to see relaxed, candid lifestyle images capturing Cameron in various locations throughout the iconic TIFF Bell Lightbox centre on King St. W in downtown Toronto. They wanted the images to highlight his environment which was downtown skyscraper-filled Toronto. We didn’t get any time to location scout the area so we were going in almost completely blind, except for vague memories of the building when it was first constructed as I worked on a photoshoot there years prior.

We had some help from Cameron’s assistant who showed us all the locations we could shoot once we arrived. We had about 20 minutes to get a tour of the building before Cameron arrived camera ready. Vanessa and myself ran about like maniac’s trying to find locations that had nice light and we managed to find a couple great spots. The shoot went great, we had a lot of fun and Cameron was a blast to work with for the hour and a half we had him. Fast forward a couple months and the issue of HOUSE arrived at my apartment and it was surreal to see the images in print. Soho House, myself and Cameron were very pleased with the images that came out of the shoot, even though the shots that you least expect, always end up being the ones that get used. The images below are my favourites from the shoot. :)

All images were edited with my ONYX Signature Lightroom Presets, which are available for purchase HERE!

Serious pastel vibes at Montreal's boutique atelier cafe Pastel Rita by Sean Berrigan

We had a chance to check out a well known boutique cafe/workshop in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal. Pastel Rita is the headquarters for not only a restaurant/cafe but a super cool artisans’ workshops, and a boutique space where local designers can showcase their work. The space is curated very nicely with moody lighting and interesting products displayed all over the place, even where the dinning area is, which I found pretty cool to eat and drink alongside the items for sale. We made sure not to get too messy :)