Jared Doyle has always been a go-getter, a craftsman and an overall positive soul to have around. A man of many talents including but not limited to killer photography, barbering, dj’ing, and marketing. After finally making the plunge, Jared will be opening his own barber shop which will be by appointment only starting this summer. The space is appropriately named Spare Studio stemming from the space doubling as a photo studio in the spare time. Over the course of a couple visit’s I captured a few images of Jared giving cuts to some of our friends Skye and Nathan. I managed to sit Jared down and have a quick Q & A/chill sesh to discuss what he’s been up to with Spare Studio.


S: How did you end up getting into barbering?
J: I've been cutting hair for a little over two years now. I was working as a bartender
and freelancing some photography gigs on the side when a barber friend of mine
popped by the bar one evening and we talked about how the shop he was
working at was expanding. I expressed interest in the trade and he invited me
down to the shop show me a few things. I followed up, and the rest is history. I
initially completed at 6 month apprenticeship at the Humble Barber in
Charlottetown and have been cutting there ever since.


S: What do you like most about cutting hair?
J: Development. Barbering provides an endless progression route, which is what
attracted me to it from the beginning.


S: What is Spare Studio?
J: Spare studio is a creative space. It’s a blended men’s salon and photography
studio that I share with my partner Kathleen. Together we built this space and this
brand to house our creativity and various portrait photography pursuits. The
studio is conveniently located amidst the action of downtown Charlottetown on
Great George Street, above Beanz cafe.


S: Why Spare?
J: The day I picked up the keys for the space I went bowling with some friends. While we were bowling, Kathleen rolled a spare early in the game and I remember her being excited about it. The screen flashed SPARE and it just spoke to me. A lot of my spare time over the past 8 years has been occupied pursuing photography and other creative outlets and now having our own spot, I feel like it's become the accumulation of many years of tinkering. I thought the name sounded cool and it just made sense.

S: Where can people book an appointment?
J: My barber bookings will take place online at
Photography clients can book studio portrait sessions by reaching out to me on
Instagram. Our wedding photography business, and Kathleen’s boudoir
photography business have individual websites where you can make a booking
request online.
Witness Wedding & Lifestyle Photography:
The Guestroom:

S: Any final words or thank yous?
J: Shout out to everyone who has supported me over the years. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Follow Jared on Instagram at @ivoryorphan

A Peek at PEI's First LP Sponsored Cannabis Event w/ Arkells by Sean Berrigan


As the looming October 17, 2018 Canadian Cannabis legalization date comes closer and closer, companies are scrambling to put all their efforts into building their brand before regulations come into play. One of these companies pushing the rules in the name of building brand equity is Canadian Licensed Producer Aurora Cannabis. They have been recently holding big events for their Illumination Series celebrating arts, music, culture and legalization all over Canada featuring big names in the music industry like Post Malone, Ghostface Killah, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kings of Leon and City & Colour to mention a few. They recently held Prince Edward Island’s first LP sponsored events here in Charlottetown at the PEI Brewing Company featuring Arkells. We were fortunate enough to get press passes to this event which allowed us to snap some photos of the event and performance.

I only brought an old point and shoot film camera with half a roll of film in it, as I wasn’t expecting to really take any photos but did anyways. One of the great experiences Aurora provided to the attendees on top of the great performance was a Terpene Infused Drink Bar powered by The Space Bear Company. These drinks did not contain alcohol or cannabis but they recreated similar taste and smell terpene profiles in drinks to what you would experience with different strains of Cannabis. Terpenes are the essential oils in cannabis that hold the flavour and smell profile of the plant and they also act as a modulator of the varying effects experienced from consuming different strains of Cannabis. They work alongside Cannabinoids like psychoactive THC and the equally important non-psychoactive CBD to provide varying therapeutic effects to the end consumer. You can find naturally occurring terpenes in lots of different foods and plants (think fruits, vegetables and herbs). They’re used similarly to the way one would use aromatherapy in the way essential oils like Lavender that are used for sleep, Pine used for memory retention and Lemon used for energy.

I scanned the images I shot at the event recently and did scan in a very dusty environment so the images have lots of dust but I think it adds to the aesthetic haha.


Summer is almost here at Lakeside Beach, Prince Edward Island by Sean Berrigan


PEI Beaches and sand dunes

I have to say it's been a while since i've updated the blog, but it doesn't mean I haven't been working on lots of new work. It's been 7 months since we packed up everything we had (or most of it ) into a tiny u-haul trailer and made the trek east to PEI from Toronto. We've been settling in well but it was weird transitioning back into island life while it being winter time where most people turn into hermits and stay inside. We made a point of always trying to get out somewhere either a beach or a forest every weekend to take some photos and just enjoy island locations during any season. We went for a drive to one of our favourite beaches on PEI, Lakeside Beach located on the north shore and is part of Tourism PEI's Central Coastal Drive. It was an absolutely beautiful day regardless of the fact there was still snow on the ground and it was about 5 degrees outside. If you get the chance, don't miss out on this gem of a location. You wont want to miss the beautiful costal beach vibes with scenic views full of nice big sand dunes. Check out the rest of the images below!