The new Receiver Brass Shop Roastery & Breadworks by Sean Berrigan


Our good friends over at Receiver Coffee here in Charlottetown just opened their second location called The Brass Shop Roastery & Breadworks. It is located in the port area of the waterfront in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We had the chance to sneak in during their unplanned soft opening and capture some shots before it got crazy. I went to junior high and high school with the owners Chris Francis and Sean Bruinooge way back in the day; and since opening their first flagship location on Victoria Row, these guys have been going full blast with helping to create a bustling craft coffee scene on PEI. These guys showed me the light when it came to making a good cup of coffee, and that sometimes mean dialling into things and getting very scientific when making that fresh, smooth, non-bitter coffee. I'm super excited and proud to see these guys powering through and really succeeding in their field. A lot of people helped with the buildout of the new location (sorry if I'm missing anyone important), but it wouldn't look so damn slick if it wasn't for our friend Brodye Chappell of Brodye Chappell Builds. Brodye has been a close friend of mine since childhood and recently burst onto the scene a couple years ago as a fine woodworking genius with his BCB brand. He, along with some others, spent weeks and weeks building out the amazing wood finishings you see from the second you enter the Brass Shop, to the time you leave. If you're in Charlottetown, most likely you've probably already had their coffee, but if you haven't, don't miss out on their incredible coffee roasted in house by Sean, Chris and their team. We had the chance to sneak in during their unplanned soft opening and capture some shots before it got crazy.

Art + Coffee = Café Nomade by Sean Berrigan

We've made it our thing to start documenting our trips to coffee shops because Vanessa and I are obviously coffee addicts. This time, we decided to check out Café Nomade, which also doubles as a gallery downstairs. It was a pretty old Sunday afternoon when we popped in for a quick Americano and a Pork Banh Mi. 

Catching Montreal Coffee Waves at September Surf Café by Sean Berrigan

We recently got a chance to go on another new coffee shop excursion last weekend in Montreal. This time it's this super cool, surf influenced coffee shop called September Surf Cafe. Besides sourcing their coffee from the east coast, which is an obvious preference for myself being from PEI, they also have this interesting surf lab (Shaper Studios) inside, that offers DIY surfboard workshops and shaping resources. Located in the Little Burgundy neighbourhood of downtown Montreal, it offers a very relaxed atmosphere with knowledgable staff. You can go in there to get some work done or just simply enjoy a quick coffee sesh. This spot is worth checking out next time your downtown.