The DIY In-Home Barbering Wave is here! by Sean Berrigan


In another hangout with my bud Jared, we had a couple boys over for a cut and a cup of drink. If you missed the last post, Jared's been inviting his good buds over for a good ol'fashioned hang but with twist. Jared has been working as a barber for over a year now and wanted to have a more intimate place to cut his friends hair and try new techniques that he normally wouldn't feel comfortable trying at Humble Barber in Charlottetown (the barbershop he cuts out of now). You can't hang out and have a beer and play your fav music at any barbershop around here so Jared wanted to offer a spot for his close friends where he could work at perfecting his craft while having a dope spot that friends could chill at with no rush or pressure to do anything. It's all about the vibes and the experience people!

This session featured our friend Nick Macdonald who works as co-owner and personal trainer at Kinetic Fitness here in Charlottetown. The second hooligan you see in the shots with the dashing long hair is Nigel Thompson who's owner and chef smoker extraordinaire behind Sneaky Cheats PEI, a craft catering service based on PEI. The last fella in for the cut is yours truly :)

89 JONESVILLE by Sean Berrigan

Last Friday, an old friend of mine invited me to join him and a gang of other creatives and music artists in a garage/loft uptown and just shoot content all day; these photos were taken in between takes.

just documenting life.


Cottage In The City // Georgian Bay Spirit Vodka Smash Launch by Sean Berrigan

Have you ever seen a canoe floating in an infinity pool on a rooftop in Toronto? Last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to go to one of my client's launch parties and this canoe was there. Georgian Bay Spirit Co invited us to the launch party for their new Vodka Smash mixed drink, which is now available at most LCBO locations.

After releasing their insanely popular Gin Smash, the Vodka Smash is the fourth product in the company's portfolio. They invited friends, industry people and a ton of Canadian influencers to try out the Vodka Smash and other delicious cocktails over a beautiful fire and even better summer inspired munchies (Lots of PEI Oysters to go around). There was a very informative tasting with Owen from El Rey, where he explained in detail what you're tasting and smelling when tasting these products, as well as how to properly taste spirits, among other tid-bits on cocktail craftsmanship.