Brennan Michael by Sean Berrigan

I was recently blessed with one of Brennan Michael's soy candles. Check out his online store to see the variety of amazing scents and products offered all made in Toronto. I snapped a few photos for his Instagram and they're posted below.

This Verdant & Bosk Soy Candle has hints of Orange, Amber, and Musk. 


Check out the products online or in some high end retailers in Toronto such as Nomad, Park & Province, and Lost & Found.



Parloque w/Coleman Hell, Tim North, Roy Woods + more by Sean Berrigan

I had a moment last night to stop by Queen St W boutique clothing store Parloque. The place was having a private party there, where there were multiple people jumping on and off the decks over the course of the night. Good people, good vibes. It was the first time getting a chance to check out the place. The space is super huge, with lots of clean space to showcase clothing and to shoot in.