XMAS Eve Coffee Run in Quebec by Sean Berrigan

This will be the second year in a row I haven't been back home to PEI for the holidays but this is also the second year i've spent christmas in Quebec and been fortunate enough to spend it with my 2nd family. We woke up today on Xmas eve and decided to go for a quick coffee run to this new coffee boutique in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu called Autour de la Table which we've been meaning to come to for awhile now. We brought a superb Brennan Michael candle with us and lit that thing off and had a great chat with the owner. We had a last minute stop to the grocery store to grab our xmas eve dinner ingredients which we'll have some photos up from that up on the blog soon. Happy Holidays Folks!


Brennan Michael X SOUVENIR Studios by Sean Berrigan

Brennan Michael has some new products and we had the opportunity to pop into one of his new vendors Souvenir Studios located at College and Brock Street here in Toronto to take a few shots of the product displays.

Parloque w/Coleman Hell, Tim North, Roy Woods + more by Sean Berrigan

I had a moment last night to stop by Queen St W boutique clothing store Parloque. The place was having a private party there, where there were multiple people jumping on and off the decks over the course of the night. Good people, good vibes. It was the first time getting a chance to check out the place. The space is super huge, with lots of clean space to showcase clothing and to shoot in.