Last Friday, we had the incredible opportunity to go beach camping with a big crew of our friends in French River on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. We had a ton of dogs, drinks, bbq and drenched clothing. The rain we experienced never deterred anyones moods or anything. It rained so hard the whole time that it was actually quite refreshing after you get a couple drinks into you alongside some herbal medicating. Packing a 6-person tent in torrential downpour is not something I would recommend, but it left some great memories none the less. 

Summer Kickoff by Sean Berrigan

Our friend Chantilly had her birthday celebration last night at her place with some friends and i don't know how but it felt like we were at a summer cottage despite being in downtown Toronto.

The Darling Mansion by Sean Berrigan

1Stone Ent hosted a double birthday party at The Darling Mansion over the weekend in the West Queen West neighbourhood of Toronto. We popped in with a few friends and enjoyed the beautiful venue.