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Sneaky Cheats Lunch by Sean Berrigan

My main dude Mr.Nigel Thompson invited me over one afternoon to test out some new recipes he was looking at doing for his monthly pop-up series. We roasted and charred a lot of awesome vegetables including Carrot, Cauliflower and Turnip with lots of pickled things alongside White Bean Hummus and Pita. Take a deeper look into this awesome Mediterranean inspired lunch. 

A date night at Terre Rouge, PEI by Sean Berrigan

Alright, so I don't claim to be any sort of a foodie, food writer, or food blogger hence why my actual written portions of my posts are short and sweet. I prefer to let the photos speak for themselves and with that I present Terre Rouge. It's an incredible craft kitchen based located in downtown Charlottetown with their focus on local, organic, good food done well. Chef Lucy Morrow recently took over the executive chef position and I was pleasantly surprised walking in to find she was running the ship in the back of house. Lucy, along with the incredible staff at TR, treated us to an incredible culinary journey with a very warming heap of PEI hospitality. We ended up coming in during a slow portion of the night and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We started with an INSANE charcuterie board with what seemed like every possible combination of meats, cheeses, and pickled goods available at our fingertips. It then quickly moved to these mouth watering Ketchup Chip inspired hot wings with this garlic aioli that our awesome server so correctly put it " Aioli so good you can drink it". Our main dish was another mouth watering brined + grilled local bbq Pork Loin with Potato Chips, Spruce BBQ Sauce and Miso Butter Corn + Bacon. Vanessa had Smoked Eggplant Curry with lavender basmati rice, peas, pineapple, carrots, peanuts and crispy potatoes. Lucy surprised us with some freshly spun raspberry sorbet with island honey and caramel sauce with crushed pecans and other sweet stuff. We can't forget that we had a lot of No Boats On Sunday Cider and there was no shortage here. If you're in Charlottetown and want to experience a upper level of craft dining, don't skip on Terre Rouge.



Last Friday, we had the incredible opportunity to go beach camping with a big crew of our friends in French River on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. We had a ton of dogs, drinks, bbq and drenched clothing. The rain we experienced never deterred anyones moods or anything. It rained so hard the whole time that it was actually quite refreshing after you get a couple drinks into you alongside some herbal medicating. Packing a 6-person tent in torrential downpour is not something I would recommend, but it left some great memories none the less.