Tim North by Sean Berrigan

Popped around a few spots downtown with my boy Tim North, and our compadre Nikki BG. Locations were Ryerson Student Centre, and the Eaton Centre.

Soulection & Little Dragon by Sean Berrigan

Over the past weekend the homies from the Soulection crew were in town. As per usual, I always find myself tagging along with them and as always it's a blast. I ended up getting a text from my dude Tim North and said to meet me at the Delta Chelsea hotel downtown. I arrived with just Tim in the restaurant working on the graphics for his new single Vapours which I shot the artwork for, that will be dropping very soon. We got a text saying to head upstairs to a hotel room and when we arrive we're met by one of Soulection's executives Julio Galvez a.k.a The Whooligan and Montreal native Da-P. I was asked if I wanted to photograph Whooligan's opening act for Little Dragon at the Danforth Music Hall and obviously I said yes. We ended up at the venue later and with an all access pass, I stumbled all around the main stage and the backstage green rooms. Yukimi from Little Dragon was super cute and the rest of the band were very nice. A little later on in the night Australian super producer and photographer Ta-Ku came through and had a great conversation with him. Here are some photos from the day from start to finish.




Nightmare In The Afterhour by Sean Berrigan

It's always a blast hanging with Rashid St. James, and this occasion was no different. Nightmare In The Afterhour is a new project Rashid's been working on and soon to release. We had a meeting months ago at SoHo regarding the album and the direction he wanted to take the album aesthetically and how he envisioned the visuals and we came to a common ground. We "snuck" into an abandoned factory in the west end of Toronto and was blown away by the crazy amount of space we had available to us with 6 or 7 floors of emptiness, each with it's own look and feel. We wanted to try a bunch of different looks while we were there, some worked and some didn't but overall everything went pretty damn good. You can check out some of Rashid's music below.


The Nightmare In The Afterhour Album Trailer