60-Minute Session with Dante Leon by Sean Berrigan


I was recently back in Toronto for a weekend to shoot a wedding and the day before I flew out I managed to link up with my friend Dante Leon, who’s been featured on the blog many times before. I only had an hour with him since I had to get back to our airbnb to catch the premiere of Game of Thrones. :)

It was great to finally catch up with him again and hear about all the exciting new projects he’s working on including his forthcoming album which will be dropping this summer. We took a quick rip through some back alleys close to one of his recording studios and managed to capture some great candid shots of him and burn a quick J while we’re at it.

Listen to some of Dante’s music HERE!

You can also check out a new video for Coming Down that just dropped with 24Rico.

Cam Smith by Sean Berrigan

Another great East Coaster finally made their way to Toronto. From writing, rapping, producing, engineering, to AUX cable entrepreneur, Cam Smith has his hand in everything. When he asked me for some headshots, there was no question. We met up in Liberty Village for an hour and bounced from location to location until it started to downpour. It was short and sweet but we managed to grab a few good ones.

Nightmare In The Afterhour by Sean Berrigan

It's always a blast hanging with Rashid St. James, and this occasion was no different. Nightmare In The Afterhour is a new project Rashid's been working on and soon to release. We had a meeting months ago at SoHo regarding the album and the direction he wanted to take the album aesthetically and how he envisioned the visuals and we came to a common ground. We "snuck" into an abandoned factory in the west end of Toronto and was blown away by the crazy amount of space we had available to us with 6 or 7 floors of emptiness, each with it's own look and feel. We wanted to try a bunch of different looks while we were there, some worked and some didn't but overall everything went pretty damn good. You can check out some of Rashid's music below.


The Nightmare In The Afterhour Album Trailer