Sneaky Cheats Smoked-Out PEI Summer Launch BBQ by Sean Berrigan

One of my favourite communal foods is hands down southern BBQ. My buddy Spencer spent 8 months designing and welding this insane custom smoker for our day one homie and chef extraordinaire Nigel Thompson. Spencer and his fiancé Abby were nice enough to allow Nigel to throw a super dope summer BBQ party which featured the Sneaky Cheats smoker at their home in Charlottetown. Nigel and friends cooked up some mind blowing slow and low smoked pork, chicken, salmon and some mind melting steaks to fulfill everyones imbibing needs. Nigel topped off the night of drinking with a mouth watering (literally) smoked Bologna sandwich platter which was chopped up in to personal slices and disappeared in a whole 10-seconds (I think I got a bite of somebodys).  All in all there were plenty of incredible food, refreshing drinks, lots of wu-tang and some great friends made for a very warming PEI house party.

Montreal Brunch at Passé Composé by Sean Berrigan

We were recently in Montreal and NEEDED to get some good brunch in while we were downtown. No questions asked, Passé Composé was the spot we needed to go to. We had been there a few months back and we thought it would be the perfect place to take our friend Katlyn for her first time in Montreal. The day started out pretty rainy and gloomy, but the drive there was pretty peaceful and good music made it even better. What better way to start your day then getting dope breakfast when you're hungry. 

The spot is located in the Gay Village and everything is pretty colourful around there. We walked passed some beautiful murals and had to snap a few pics. The menu was pretty extensive and incorporated exactly what the french do best: french toast, fois gras, and anything really. Needless to say, all three of our meals were so delicious that we ended up getting too full! 

Brunch at Baddies by Sean Berrigan

After just having an incredible dinner yesterday at La Cubana, we decided to all trek over to a new spot today for a quick brunch. We heard about this incredible cafe/restaurant at Lansdowne and Bloor that had an insane menu ranging from incredible breakfast sandwiches to vanilla bean pancakes with fresh fruit and edible flowers, it's a great spot that does coffee right.